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Would you like to learn to coach people? Would you like to support other people in their development and in overcoming obstacles? Then this mini-seminar may be the right start for you. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be more active in a professional context – as a colleague, mentor, coach or manager – or in a private environment, because coaching as a process competence is suitable for almost every context.

At Mylifecoach, we work with our clients with a coaching approach that I (Timm) have developed and that I call Self-Integrative Coaching (more about it here). In this seminar you’ll receive an introduction to my approach.

In Self-Integrative Coaching, I combine the best parts of several effective coaching and therapy approaches that have been proven in my practice, plus my own advancements and insights from 15 years of working as a coach.

The main insight that Self-Integrative Coaching is based on, is that real positive change (real satisfaction and true happiness) comes from self-integration. What is meant by self-integration?

Through my work with people I have understood one thing very clearly. And that is, that in our original state, in our essence, we are whole. We do not have to create wholeness; we only need to restore it.

We need to restore it, because while we started out being whole, that state did not last. As the challenges of life happened to us, none of us went through them without loss. With each challenge not fully mastered, with each experience not fully psychologically processed, a part of us got stuck in that experience. In a way, we could only go on by having some part of us break off of us. And with that lost part of ourselves, we also lost a part of our original life energy.

True transformational change in coaching (as with true healing in therapy), comes from re-integrating those parts of ours that we have lost. The moment this integration succeeds, the moment the lost part snaps back into place, we call catharsis, and it is usually marked by overwhelming emotional release: often with tears, sometimes with laughter, always profoundly liberating. Catharsis is the main goal in a Self-Integrative Coaching process.

But how do we get back our lost parts and achieve catharsis? The method of choice I use to trace back our lost parts is called regression. Regression, in a nutshell, is re-living past events. (That’s not all to it, but enough for you to get a first idea.) It enables us to understand how a situation came to be, and why we are like we are today. It enables us to let go of the emotion that was holding us back, and to retrieve our lost part or parts, and become whole again.

And among the approaches I sourced from to build Self-Integrative Coaching, the first and foremost to mention, and my chosen way of doing regression, is Transpersonal Regression Therapy (TRT), as established by Hans TenDam. Self-Integrative Coaching is, to about 50%, TRT applied in a coaching setting.

Self-integration requires a certain bravery. Our clients need to be willing to face the original experiences that made them who they are today. To face their demons, so to speak. The reward can be a transformative change in our lives. With a much deeper understanding of who we really are, and with a restoration of our original life energies, the way we look at life and its promises may be richer than we have ever before imagined it could be.

When can Self-Integrative Coaching help you? Frankly, with any kind of problem or unachieved goal you may qualify. And anytime that you are not at peace with yourself – or others. Because the deep, first cause of any problem almost always lies in the fact that you have lost contact with your true self, with what you really are and need. In Self-Integrative Coaching we support you to re-establish this contact.

So are you ready to learn about truly life-changing coaching? Would you like to find out, if this coaching approach is right for you? Then you are welcome to join me in this free mini-seminar.

You are welcome!

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